Disregard Traffic Control Device

How long do points stay on your license? We are prepared to address all your concerns. We devoted ourselves in protecting you from negative effects that might take place as a result of your traffic ticket offense. We focus on getting you the help you need.

Work With An Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Macomb, Michigan

Why Hire As Your Legal Representative?

*Experienced Lawyer With Assertiveness
*FREE Price Quotation
*FREE No Obligation Consultation
*MasterCard / Visa Payments are Accepted
*Partial Payments are Accepted
*Low-Fees Flat Rates
*Keep your Driving Record Clean
*Avoid Paying Each Point that Cost an Additional $150 for 3 years (beyond court fines and driver responsibility fees).

We handle the following kinds of traffic violation violations in Macomb, Michigan:

*Driving Without Proof of License Privilege
*Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol
*Driving after Revocation (DAR)
*Driving with Cancelled Driver’s License
*Driving Without Automotive Insurance
*Driving Without the Required Insurance
*Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License
*Wrong-Way Collisions On Divided Highway
*Texting and Driving Ticket
*Caught Driving after License Privilege has been Cancelled
*Disobeying a Traffic Control Device
*Careless and Reckless Driving Violation
*Fail to Stop for a school Bus
*Following Too Closely or Tailgating Fines
*Failure To Use Turn Signal Ticket
*Failure to Yield Accident Traffic Ticket
*Failing to Pay a Traffic Fines Ticket

If you need a speeding and traffic ticket lawyer in Macomb, Michigan discuss your case with an established legal professional, we are here for you. Since 1992, we helped drivers fought traffic ticket violations. We proudly offer FREE consultation and FREE price quote We accept partial payments. Do not hesitate to contact us at (586) 335-2545.